About Durawood Products COMPANY HISTORY:
In 1986, Jim Allgyer, unhappy with the unreliable delivery schedules and inconsistent quality of pre manufactured stairs available, set out to establish a true manufacturing system for wood stairs.

Durawood Products, Inc.'s business plan was based on 3 key success factors:
  • Shortest lead time in the industry

  • Low production cost through the use of technology efficiencies

  • Easy to do business with.

During the 1990's the facility grew to over one acre under roof. Jim Allgyer implemented the changes needed in the constant stream of growth and the more sophisticated needs of the customer base.

A computer generated Sales Ordering system, coupled with a production reporting system developed in 1999 help to maintain a competitive advantage while focusing on the three key success factors.

Having accomplished his goals Jim Allgyer, began to consider interests outside of the stair industry. Recognizing the opportunity, entrepreneur Craig McDonald consummated a purchase agreement for Durawood Products, Inc. in the spring of 2001.

As Durawood moves forward the current President/Owner, Craig McDonald, lends his international business experience to the stair manufacturing industry. With his unique perspective, and aggressive plans for the future, there is little doubt things will continue to improve. New initiatives provided by the fresh perspective are providing new stimulus for positive change every day.